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Who is Clodagh?

I am an author, teacher, sailor and ocean racer, living in Ireland.

But I wasn't always so ...

People ask me, How did you get into Writing?

How did you get into Dru Yoga and Meditation ~ and Finding  Your Dream?

How did you get into Sailing?

How did you get into Ocean Racing, with the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race?


Well it all started with a dream...a Big Dream!

A dream to sail to The Azores, when I had never sailed before.

'Back To Life...finding the Dream' is the story of  my personal voyage of discovery,

towards finding my dream.


"Suffering from information overload, overwhelmed at work

and overshadowed by unrecognised grief, after bereavement?

That was the reality of my reality, until I started writing

to my Dad four years after he had died from cancer.


In telling him the stories of my life, love and learning since his death,

I found healing, peace and a life of passion and purpose.

I found my way ‘Back to Life’ and back to dreaming a Big Dream.

I hope that my letters to him may help do the same for you.

  With Love,   Clodagh."


PS: There's more to come...


‘Back to Life ~ finding the Dream’ is just the first in a series of four books,

which chart the highs and lows of my adventures, at sea and ashore;

discovering the joy and challenges of sailing,

following the dream to sail to The Azores and on

to racing across the Southern, Atlantic and Pacific oceans

with the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.


The reality of Life can be stranger than fiction!

So do read on...and sign up for news and updates.

And I will write on...sharing my stories with friends and family, passed on.

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