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Back to Life charts the story of my personal journey from stress of work, life and bereavement, to finding new purpose, passion and meaning in life.

It all started in in 1998, when I realised that it was time for change in my life, Big Change .. both in my Life and in my outlook on Life!


So I wrote to my Dad, who died from cancer four years earlier.

My Dad loved books and learning, as I do. I guess that's where I got it from.

And I loved sharing stories and discoveries and learning with him.

I hope that you will enjoy them too.


Yet Life has proven to me that reality can be stranger than fiction!

So do read on...and I will write on...sharing my stories with friends and family, who have passed on.

Back To Sea...following the Dream  

So what happened then? Did she get to sail to The Azores?

How did she do it? How long did it take?

Spoiler Alert! Yes, she did sail to The Azores...eventually!

It only took her 9 years! But persistence pays..and she had an adventure offshore every year on the way.


Life is amazing ... when you find the Dream, the destination.

Then Life gives you the joy of the journey, the adventure and the learning.


Every voyage is a new adventure! ..and every day offshore is a schoolday.

Come with me on this voyage of adventure and let me introduce you to my inspiration, my teachers, my skippers, my crewmates and my wonderful mentor Mother Nature ~ for whom I have utmost respect.

Bitten by the offshore sailing bug!  Life ashore offers challenge enough, but racing offshore challenges us in a totally different way.

In the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race no previous experience is required, just a will to rise to the challenge and learn; from the training, your skipper, your crewmates and the Ocean!


Ordinarly people doing extraordinary things ! Living aboard a 70ft yacht with 20 crewmates, in confined conditions and limited personal space, is also challenge enough. Then add race pace and pressure to the mix.

Choose your Oceans carefully!

Then Mother Nature adds her quirky mix to the recipe...whisk up the wind and waves, then let it settle ... windless, for days and days and days. The outer voyage, racing across oceans, morphs into the inner voyage ~ learning from the highs and lows, of adventure and adversity ~ and discovering friends for life.  


But what happens when you get back to land?

Life may not be done with challenging you yet!

After the epic adventure, 'The Race of Your Life', what's next?

Is there life after Clipper Round the World Race, racing offshore across oceans?

Is there life after rising to the challenge of Everest Base Camp?

Is there life after living the Dream?

Is there life after an earthquake that rocks your world?

Or do you just sit down and cry ...

~ for the end of a dream, the end of a life, the end of an era?


Or do you find a way to lift yourself from grief, again ...

find your Spirit, again .... find a way to Imagine, again...

~ to dream a Bigger Dream, or a way to share the Dream?

BACK-TO-LIFE-SOFTCOVER-TIPPED-25PERC Ocean Calm - Skyscape - Copy (600x444)

Back To Land...livin' the Dream

Back To Spirit...sharing the Dream

Sydney-Hobart Race 2015 (300x225) Imagine ~ Sydney - Web Triskele - Icon (300x276)